[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Oct 01, 2023  
[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2018-2019 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MMM 420 - Graphic Design

3 credits
Prerequisite(s): CMM 101  and Junior Standing or chair's permission
Part of Saint Leo University's mission and core values is the thought that students should form moral and responsible judgments and attitudes about the multimedia communication process and the methods of conveying thoughts and opinions in a modern society. To that end, this course is designed to introduce students to the theories, principles, and practices of graphic design. Students will learn about the five design elements including balance, hierarchy, contrast, repetition, and alignment and the role they play in defining graphic messages. Students will also be introduced to the process of creating computer-based graphics for use in telling stories, illustrating ideas, and entertaining viewers. Finally, students will create multi-layered productions using the latest software technology.