[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2018-2019 Graduate Academic Catalog 
    Jun 29, 2022  
[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2018-2019 Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CRJ 503 - Preventing Terrorist Attacks

3 credit hours
This course provides a comprehensive overview of international and domestic terrorism, arising from either religious or secular roots. It will examine the historical and philosophical underpinnings of terrorism in general, and identified terrorist organizations in particular. The course will examine exploitable weaknesses of terrorists; terrorist typology; human factors as applied to terrorists; modus vivendi of terrorists; conspiratorial association theorems; weaknesses of terrorist groups; and proactive measures in support of terrorist investigations. The course will address current efforts in counter- terrorism, with special emphasis on the federal and state responses. As a Criminal Justice course, this study will consist of a hybrid of historical information and political information, and current, relevant information on counter-terrorism objectives and methods.