[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2013-2014 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Dec 09, 2023  
[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2013-2014 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO 327 - Human Anatomy & Physiology I

3 credits

Prerequisite(s): BIO 126 - Biological Principles II  and BIO 126L - Biological Principles II Lab 
Corequisite(s): BIO 327L - Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 

This course provides a comprehensive and detailed study of the structure and function of organs and organ systems of the human body. This course is specifically designed to provide a strong foundation of knowledge for students planning a career in the health sciences. Topics presented include an introduction to histology, the skin and its derivatives, the skeleton, muscles, and the nervous and sensory systems. Although this course is taught with an organ system emphasis, mechanisms on the cellular and molecular level are also covered. All students registered for this course must also be co-registered for BIO 3XXL. There are three hours of lectures with three hours of laboratory study per week. This course is usually offered in fall semesters.