[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2013-2014 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Jul 15, 2024  
[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2013-2014 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDU 228 - Educational Technology

3 credits
Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing required
This three-credit course introduces the student to the appropriate applications of technology within the educational setting. It is an exploration of the use of digital technologies within the classroom setting, including computer-assisted instruction, teacher productivity tools, evaluation of educational software, digital cameras, and the Internet. For this purpose, students will use commercial software packages (Office XP, Internet Explorer) in the microcomputer lab to gain an understanding of software functions and to develop personal competency in practical applications of microcomputers and access to global networks for research, teaching, and learning. The course will include written and oral reflections on class readings, lectures, student presentations, and discussions.