[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2013-2014 Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
    Mar 21, 2023  
[ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2013-2014 Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GLO 499 - Senior Seminar in Global Studies

3 credits
Prerequisite(s): GLO 410 - Systems Thinking 
Corequisite(s): GLO 425 - Internship in Global Studies 
Offered in conjunction with GLO 425: Internship in Global Studies. The Senior Seminar provides students in the major with the opportunity to reflect on their internship experience and the knowledge and skills they have gained in the major by exploring connections among issues in socio-economic and political development, the environment, and global justice. Students complete an original applied research project related to their internship, under the guidance of a faculty mentor.