2023-2024 Graduate Academic Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Academic Catalog

Forensic Science Specialization (Online Only)

The curriculum as outlined below is designed to serve both active and aspiring criminal justice professionals. The curriculum provides and enhances the knowledge, skills, and values for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness, professionalism, and policy-making abilities of criminal justice practitioners. This specialization introduces the student to how forensic science is used in the field of criminal justice.

In order to earn the degree, a student must successfully complete the five core courses, the four forensic science courses, and two elective courses.

Elective Courses (choose two)

Total Credit Hours: 36


*In the Online Program only, CRJ 530 - Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Administration  is a prerequisite for all courses.

** In the Online Program only, CRJ 565 - Leadership Applications in Criminal Justice  has a prerequisite ofCRJ 530 - Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Administration  

***CRJ 590 - Applied Project in Criminal Justice Administration  is a pass/fail course and will be offered only three times per year (Fall I, Spring I, and Summer I) over 15 weeks. It will blend all students together regardless of where they have been taking previous courses. This course will not require students to attend University Campus. Contact with the professor will be during scheduled class meetings via a toll-free conference call, VTT (video conferencing), and/or Zoom.