Jul 16, 2024  

Tapia College of Business

The mission of the Saint Leo University Tapia College of Business is to provide a values-centered education that develops tomorrow's business leaders with exceptional skills, including critical thinking and the ability to make ethical decisions and take effective action. The College supports the mission of the University through a broad liberal arts education and specialized business courses. To ensure a complete education, every business program is structured from a broad liberal arts education to career-specific business courses. Thus, the Saint Leo business graduate is prepared by focusing on critical thinking, on creative problem solving, and on improved interpersonal communication skills. The College accomplishes its mission by supporting

  • excellence in teaching by a dedicated faculty
  • scholarly faculty activity
  • service involvement of students and faculty in the business and University communities

Specific mission objectives include providing students with

  • the skills to manage effectively in a changing global environment
  • an integrative perspective of organizational operations
  • an awareness of their contribution to improving society

The College has the following degree programs accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP):

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. This program prepares the graduate for an entry-level accounting position in profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. This program, offered only through Worldwide, is designed for students entering the business world in almost any type of organization. The student selects a specialization from among the following: accounting, logistics, management, marketing, project management, or technology management.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication. This program, offered only at University Campus, is designed for students interested in communication processes in organizations including public relations, crisis communication, media management, community liaison, social media, advertising, and mass communication generalist's positions.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This program, offered only at the University Campus, is designed for students interested in developing critical thinking skills while acquiring the knowledge of economic theories and practices that are applicable to real world situations.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management. This program, offered only through WorldWide, is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career in personnel management or human services.

Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality, Events and Hotel Management. This is a professional program, offered only University Campus, which examines the concepts and principles of the hospitality industries from an international perspective. It prepares students for management positions within the various hospitality sectors, specializing in Event Management and Hotel Resort Management.

Bachelor of Arts in Management. This major is offered only at the University Campus. This program is designed for students who desire to own or manage any size organization, public or private, profit or nonprofit.

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.  This program, offered only at University Campus,  is designed for students planning a career in sales, social media, advertising, consumer relations, marketing management, retailing services, small business operations, or international business.

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Business. This major is offered only at the University Campus and Tallahassee Education Center. This program provides a foundation of study in business applied to the sport industry, its products, and its services.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. This program offers the student the technical knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field of computer applications in the business world.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  This highly technical program emphasizes providing a solid foundation in the discipline of Computer Science, which students can apply either in the Information Technology workforce sector or use as a basis for graduate study.

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. This program provides a solid foundation in the discipline of Cybersecurity, which is needed to protect data in the 21st Century.

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration. This major is designed for students who plan administrative careers in health services organizations.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. This program provides a disciplined, systematic approach to the field of modern software engineering so students can implement and manage the development, maintenance and evolution of software products.

Common Body of Knowledge

The Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) for all Tapia College of Business majors provides the academic background to understand the economic structure of our global society. Those who enter the competitive market for scarce resources must be prepared to support public and private segments of our society. The College has developed an academic program in conjunction with the liberal arts that develops the whole person capable of creative critical thinking and problem solving. Courses taken by all majors within the College include the following:


Total Credits: 36

Accounting, Economics and Finance


Bachelor of Arts


Communication and Marketing


Bachelor of Arts


Health Care Management


Bachelor of Science


Management and Business Administration


Associate of Arts

Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Business Administration

Sport Business, International Hospitality Management


Bachelor of Arts