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Management, B.A. (Offered only at University Campus)

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The management major is designed for those students who desire to own or manage any size organization, whether public or private, profit or nonprofit. Courses stress the influence of the global environment on decision making and the importance of considering ethical issues from different cultures in making management decisions.

The management major is offered only at University College. The business administration major is the alternative major that is offered at Saint Leo's Centers. Students who are awarded the B.A. in management may not earn the B.A. in business administration with a specialization in management or vice versa.

University Campus Only Course Requirements

University Explorations (42 credit hours)

Common Body of Knowledge (36 credit hours)


* The internship may be three to 12 credits, depending on the student's and employer's needs, although only three credits are required. In order to apply, the student must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. If a student does not qualify for the internship by holding the minimum 2.5 GPA, two options are available:

Option 1: The student may retake courses or take other elective courses to reach the 2.5 requirement, and then apply to intern;

Option 2: Student must complete a three-credit 300-400-level business class under the rubric of ACC, IHT, COM, CMM, MGT, MKT, SPB, or POL 325 - Public Administration  or Calculus (MAT 231 ), which is required by many graduate programs.

General Elective Credits: Complete enough general elective credit hours to fulfill total hours required for degree completion.

Total Credits: 120

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